Meet Ivy's Legacy Foundation Board Members




Meet Nicki Vogt.

Nicki is President of Ivy’s Legacy Foundation. She founded the group, formerly Team Ivy Rose, in 2009 after her daughter, Ivy Rose, was stillborn. She honors Ivy’s memory through her passion for helping people and raising both funds and awareness to prevent infant loss. For families who have experienced the tragedy of a loss or a very sick child, she hopes to make the hard times easier through offering comfort and support.


She lives in Sauk Centre, MN with her husband, Aaron. They have four children, Pyper, Ivy who would be 10, Afton, and Abe.


Nicki’s favorite part of leading Ivy’s Legacy Foundation is helping others who really need it as well as spending time with the amazing people of the organization and the community.


Ivy's Legacy is fortunate to have such a dedicated, passionate leader guiding the foundation's good work. Thank you for all you do, Nicki!

Meet Heidi Leach.

Heidi has been involved with Ivy's Legacy Foundation since day one. She was inspired by the community support from the get-go, rallying around the team and showing so much compassion each and every year.


Heidi initially became involved as a friend to President Nicki Vogt, wanting to support her in her journey through grief but also her journey to make a difference in the lives of others. Heidi is connected to the mission, having lost a baby by miscarriage a year before Ivy gained her wings.


“My loss connected me personally with the desire to support families who experience loss at any stage of pregnancy, though our mission stretches even further by being able to support families who may need support for their babies after birth as well,” said Heidi.


Heidi lives in Sauk Centre and has been married to her husband, Nathan, for almost 10 years. They have two children: Lily and Lauren.


A few of Heidi’s personal interests are photography, attending live concerts or just hosting her own dance party in her kitchen, and most recently a newfound love for kickboxing.


“My favorite part of being active in the foundation is seeing the evolution of our foundation,” she said. “I have been amazed at just how much a dedicated group of people are able to accomplish when we set our minds to it.”


The Foundation thanks Heidi for her passion, creativity and determination!

Meet Amanda Deters.

Amanda has been part of the team since it began in 2009.


“It has been an amazing journey working with these women and their families!” she said.


She joined the team to support her friend Nicki Vogt and family.


“I am still part of the team because of that but also because of our mission to help other families and because of the support we receive from our community. We wouldn't be able to succeed like we have without all the support, and that's what makes this journey even more important.”


Amanda’s favorite part of being involved with Ivy’s Legacy Foundation is seeing how we as friends, family and the community can turn a very emotional cause into something positive and powerful.


Amanda lives outside of Sauk Centre with her husband, Shane, and their four beautiful children: Clara, Sawyer, Scarlette and Sylas. Spending time with family and friends is most important to her, but when she’s not doing that, she loves cooking and reading.


Thank you for your dedication and hard work, Amanda!

Meet Sarah Nelson.

Sarah lives in Sauk Centre with her husband, Cody, and four children, Carter (9), Kaiya (7), Kacie (5), and Camden (2).

Here is what Sarah, a longtime supporter of the foundation, had to say about joining Ivy’s Legacy:

“I am involved in the foundation for many reasons, but one that stands out for me is making a positive impact on the lives of people within our communities. The mission of honoring Ivy’s legacy through the foundation by providing others comfort and support in their times of need is something so great of itself that having any part of it is an honor.

“Having an active role in the foundation for me means having the willingness to serve. The want to give and help the cause. It’s being a small part of creating hope from hardships and having an active role in bettering our community. These are values I also hope to instill in my children so they too will feel the need and want to make a difference.”

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys the lake life. She spends summertime outdoors with family and friends boating, swimming and fishing.

“I do love to travel and read a good book during the winter months, but turn on the summer and I am all smiles!”  Thank you Sarah!

Meet Minnow Speidel.

Minnow has been involved with the group since Ivy gained her angel wings in 2009. Minnow and Ivy’s mom, Nicki Vogt, were expecting at the same time. Ivy and Minnow’s son, EJ, would have been the same age and graduating class. Minnow and Nicki – along with several other friends who were also expecting – were all excited for one another: excited for their new babies and for their families to grow.


“When Ivy grew her wings, my heart was so heavy. I prayed and prayed,” said Minnow. “We can't help but look at our children and be thankful.”


Calling it a “bittersweet blessing in disguise,” Minnow is thankful Ivy gave her the opportunity to help others. “Without her, we wouldn't be touching so many lives.”


Minnow’s favorite part of her involvement with the Foundation is the outcome of reaching out to the community: “The warm, fuzzy feeling of helping others and knowing you’re making a difference.”


“With a whirlwind of emotions, it only felt right and natural to be a part of the Vogt family and journey on with them. We are involved because we, too, love Ivy,” she said.


Minnow lives on the lake in Sauk Centre, MN, with her husband, Jason (who has also been involved with the group since the beginning), and their two sons: EJ and Jude. She is an outdoorsy gal who enjoys spending time with family and friends on the lake and planning new projects on Pinterest.  Thank you Minnow!

Meet Abi Deters.

Abi has been a part of the group for six years, since the beginning. It started as a way for Abi and her daughter to help friend Nicki Vogt get through part of her process of grieving and turned into a wonderful way to help others going through tragic situations.

“My middle son was five weeks early with no complications,” said Abi. “I know the worries I had with this and couldn't imagine it with worries and problems constantly occurring.”

Abi’s favorite part of being involved with Ivy’s Legacy Foundation is getting to help families and children in circumstances that no one should have to deal with and knowing that the group can and is making a difference.

Abi lives in Sauk Centre, MN, with her husband, Nick; daughter, Madison; son, Zachary; and daughter, Allison. She enjoys reading, being out on the lake and spending time with family and friends, which includes bonfires and camping with the people she loves.

Thank you, Abi, for your hard work and dedication!

Meet Josh Thieschafer.

One of our newest members as of April 2019, Josh Thieschafer lives about five miles North of Melrose. Born and raised in Melrose, he moved back after being away for about 10 years.


“I wanted to raise the kids up in a rural environment and enjoy all that goes with that,” Josh said. He has two boys: Ben and Griffin.

He has known about the organization since the beginning and has donated and volunteered over the years.


“I did want to become more involved,” he said. “I had mentioned to a few board members that I had an interest and if every they wanted to expand their board, or if there was an opening, that I would love to be more involved.”

Josh has been involved with the local community in various ways and was looking for a way to deepen his commitment.


“I have been on many different boards, and they were all rewarding on different levels,” Josh said. “I wanted to find a cause to which I could devote more time and have more gratification serving on. I love that the money raised here stays here!”

Josh says that, as a board member, he’s most excited about the opportunity to talk to other people about the cause: “Getting a larger group of people involved with our mission, values, and culture; growing our network!”

When asked what his interests include, Josh responded, “Of course spending time with my boys! Whether that be at the lake in the summer, coaching them, deer hunting with them, or just out riding 4-wheelers and dirt bikes. We love to be outdoors.”

He also enjoys gardening and canning and the satisfaction that comes from completing home improvement projects.  Again, welcome Josh!

Meet Jason Speidel.

One more new member, Jason Speidel joined the board in early April 2019.


Jason Speidel and his family live a few miles north of Sauk Centre on Big Sauk Lake.

“I married my high school sweetheart, Minnow.,” Jason said. “We have 2 wonderful little boys, EJ and Jude.

Though Jason is now joining the board in an official capacity, he has been involved since the beginning 10 years ago, when the group focused on raising money for the March of Dimes as Team Ivy Rose. He has volunteered his time in many ways over the years.

“I wanted to give more of my time to help local families in need so when I heard Ivy’s Legacy Foundation had interest in adding board members, I thought I might be a good fit,” Jason said. “I was familiar with the mission and the people involved so it seemed like a no-brainer.”

To him, playing an active role with the foundation means using his skills to contribute to the mission of helping local families in need.

“It means donating my time and effort to better our community.”

Jason enjoys spending his free time with family and friends, traveling, and coaching his sons’ baseball teams. During the warmer months he can be found on the lake, and in the winter he enjoys snowmobiling.  Welcome & thank you Jason!

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